Introducing you our "best of the best" works, that are heading for a live event in Madrid, Spain.
Every day of his life he digs a ditch. In the end, life is
ready in all its unfinished.
The life cycle of a little boy to old age runs side by side
with a digging ditch. - A metaphorical story of life
and labor, the meaning and the folly of all.

“It was important to me to make a beautiful story that is still out of reach for everyone. The timelessness of the story is both a challenge and an opportunity for the director. I believe the film’s catalog and powerful story appeals all over the world. ”
- Kim Saarinen
"The story sums up the whole of human life, its meaning and insanity."
- P.J. Piippo

Directed by: Kim Saarinen and P.J. Piippo
Eva’s body merges with a seashore landscape where David is walking. A tacit dialogue is created beyond the space. David died at sea and she’s expecting his child. At the end of her mourning process, Eva chooses life, subliming her sorrow through dance.
Lisa Fuchs at the time of her baccalaureate directs her first short film LE CRI (The Scream). Dance is already an element of her cinematographic language.

Trained at the famous « École Supérieure de Danse de Cannes-Mougins Rosella Hightower » (France), and with Dominique Khalfouni (Prima Ballerina at the Paris Opera Ballet), she then performs for a few years as a choreographer and dancer.
Director Biography
"Rivage" is a multi-awarded film at SLIFF. Lisa Fuchs, and her crew claimed 7 awards in our first bi-monthly program: Best Short Film, Best Director (Lisa Fuchs), Best Actress (Marie LE ROY), Best Scenography, Best Producer (Lisa FUCHS), Best Drama, Best Poster.
Awards at SLIFF
"Rivage" - is an outstanding work with huge potential. Lisa Fuchs managed to create a technically, and scripted strong work, than can compete for the best awards. Special "Bravo!" to Marie LE ROY, and her outstanding performance as a main character in this picture.
Directed by Lisa Fuchs
Kolya gives a sudden and unusual birthday present to his son, which turns out a momentous one for the kid.
Apple Tree
Twenty years after being abused by his priest, a fateful reunion reverses roles and reveals love can be just as twisted and destructive as abuse.
Into Temptation
A story by Glenna Burmer based on the Japanese saying Nanakorobi-Ya Oki, or fall seven times, but get back up the eighth. A little girl faces seven challenges to save an orphan who is lost in the snowy woods of Hokkaido.
Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)

Directed by Olya Azhnakina
Directed by Quinn da Matta
Directed by Glenna Burmer, Gaby Breiter
hIDE &
“Hide & Sniff” is a hard-boiled love story that challenged a new technique: focusing on the sense of smell.
The wife has a good nose, and the husband is a bit dull. The story shows the peculiarity of their love as their feelings grow apart. This is an aspirational film challenging on show

The film is written and directed by Kousuke Hishinuma, known for “Lady Ninja: Reflections of Darkness”
“BLACKMALE GIRL”and “Life is Dead.” The casts are Miyuu Teshima, known for her performances in “The Red Comet Club” and “Kalanchoe,“ Kouta Fudauchi, from “Palm to the Sun” and “Isn't Anyone Alive?” and Haruka Imou, from “37 Seconds.” And” soiree”
Miyuu Teshima and Haruka Imou are both among the “10 Fresh Rising Stars” selected for a featured topic on the weekly magazine “Shukan Playboy.”

Directed by: Kousuke Hishinuma
It’s a story of a family that rent an apartment in old commercial building. Fei, descendent of a Chinese man, lives with his mother Nok and together they attend his grandfather who’s sick in bed. Fei’s father was missing in a political event in 2010. But Nok still holds the belief that one day he will return, while Fei struggles to seek a way out for his family under the growing pressure that imposed by the invisible forces…
Panya Zhu is a Thai-Chinese director, screenwriter, editor, and producer who was born in Bangkok, Thailand.
He first received national acclaim in 2016 for his short film, White Paper, which received an Honorable Mention prize in the Thai Youth Film section and White Pigeon Award at the Thai Short Film & Video Festival.
And in 2020 the short film Fatherland was a runner-up award in the Student Film Competition at the Thai Short Film & Video Festival.

Director Biography
"Fatherland" is a multi-awarded film at SLIFF. Panya Zhu, and her crew claimed 9 awards in our second bi-monthly program: Best Student Film, Best Director (Panya Zhu), Best Young Actor, Best Scenography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Producer, Best Drama, Best Poster.
Awards at SLIFF
"Fatherland" is a modern and unique work, created by a young and talented team. Very unusual cinematography, combining with a mysterious story, gives us an opportunity to enjoy a great film.
Directed by Panya Zhu
This short documentary unearths the history and body of work of Houstonian and photographer, Ben DeSoto. In a personal story, Ben reminisces and examines his photos during his 30-year run. Working as photojournalist for the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post, the window of opportunities allowed him to capture and document diverse genres of the early underground punk scene, major touring acts, rap/hip hop culture, and current events. Ben was never one to look at his work for its monetary value, but instead the importance of sharing his work with the world before his memories vanish. Join Ben as he reflects on his memories during shooting assignments, the lost art of developing film, the transition from manual to digital media, and the love For Art’s Sake.
Ben DeSoto: For Art's Sake
27. 12. 32. 9. 66. 4. These are numbers. These are names. Six students prepare for graduation from a utopian training facility when they are faced with a dangerous final test.
Six-year-old Guoguo was born right before the one-child policy started. But outsiders thought the family broke the regulation because of her. To make it right, Guoguo tries hard to become “a good girl” in others’ eyes, and one accomplishment is to be enrolled as a Young Pioneer. Her elder brother, Wangwang, is striving for his own dream, to win an essay competition, “Animal Diary”, so as to be qualified to join a prairie summer camp. Yet he should have his first pet, a snail, to raise and write about. The two siblings gradually find that their wishes tangled awfully because they need each other’s time and support to fulfill either dream, while at many moments they can’t coordinate and even barely break up. Who and what should be the priority? Will Guoguo keeps behaving herself, or be brave enough to break all the rules and disobey the grown-ups, such as skipping classes and fighting the bullies, to help take back her brother’s snail? It’s all about choices and it’s a lesson that the single-born would have no chance to learn.
Ye and Guouo

Directed by Michael Witnes Zapata
Directed by Ian Salazar
Directed by Ye Zheng

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