"Draft Night" by Sajeev Bhagowtee, Victoria Bilinski
"Best Student Film", "Best Director Debut"
"The Discoverer of the Discoverers" by C.S. Nicholson
"Best Editing"
"A Wonderful Way with Dragons" by Delfine Paolini
"Best Director"
"Wheels of a Giant" by Catarina Accioly
"Best Editing", "Best Director Debut"
"WATER IS LOVE: RIPPLES OF REGENERATION" by Ludwig Schramm, Rosa Pannitschka, Martin Winiecki, Isabel Rosa Zabou, Emily Coralyne Bishop
"Best Feature Documentary", "Best Original Song"
"Too Close to the Sun" by Ally Lashay Nelson
"Best Student Film", "Best Fantasy"
"Asampurno- The Relentless Search" by Amartya Sinha
"Best Director Debut"
"The price of tears" by Nicolas Spanoudis
"Best Short Film"
"LANDSLIDE" by Julius Wadman
"Best Young Director"
"every dove is a pigeon and every pigeon is a dove" by Kate Colenbrander
"Best Short Documentary"
"399: Queen of the Tetons" by Elizabeth Leiter
"Best Feature Documentary"
"The Housewife" by Jeremiah Kipp
"Best Thriller "
"Room 57" by Mazdak Taebi
"Best Short Film", "Best Drama"
"Best Mobile Film"
"THE 1OO" by Raghav Omkar Sasidhar
"Best Feature Film", "Best Director Debut", "Best Thriller"
"Kindling Burns Love Fast" by Mazdak Taebi
"Best Short Film", "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Cinematography", "Best Student Film", "Best Director Debut"
"The Tower" by Brandon Ashcom
"Best Television Script"
"Good" by Monte Albers de Leon
"Best Original Screenplay", "Best Feature Screenplay"
"No Mas" by Stephen Kelly
"Best Short Film", "Best Actor"
"Until The Day" by Yushu Shen
"Best Original Screenplay", "Best Director"
"Cold Turkey: THANKSGIVING II, Fan Film" by Jaxsonian Jacques Rousseau
"Best Short Film"
"Covid Safe Domestic Violence By The State" by Mark A. Tarrant
"Best Short Documentary"
"Ghostly Jacket Triune" by Jaxsonian Jacques Rousseau
"Best Feature Film"
"The Girl Who Faded Away" by Brent Heise
"Best Music Video"
"DeadEnd" by Otwin Biernat
"Best Experimental Film", "Best Actor"
"The Unknown Girl: The Last Annihilation" by Eduard Román Gatnau
"Best Horror ", "Best Actress"
"Return To Planet Underground (Part1)" by Gideon Homes
"Best Experimental Film"

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