"Love Is In The Air" by Tejasvi Ginnela
"Best Student Film"
"Virulence" by Christopher Pennington
"Best Original Screenplay", "Best Feature Screenplay"
"The Cobbledick Lake Monster" by Michael Curtis
"Best Short Film", "Best Horror", "Best ECO Work", "Best Director Debut", "Best Makeup"
"Rituale Romanum" by Josep Maria Pradell Portús
"Best Horror", "Best Director Debut", "Best Young Actor"
"Ethel" by Beatrice Jäggi
"Best Animation"
"Coffee Killer" by Clément VIAUD
"Best Short Film", "Best Horror"
"Commuted" by Nailah Jefferson
"Best Feature Documentary"
"SCRUPUS" by Timo Paris
"Best Dance Video"
"La tête dans les étoiles" by Timo Paris
"Best Experimental Film"
"THE BLIND" by Iliyas Daudi
"Best Short Film", "Best Short Screenplay", "Best Director", "Best Drama"
"Best Original Screenplay"
"SELF-PORTRAIT" by Iliyas Daudi
"Best War Film"
"Sunday Vibe" by Trevor Pleasant
"Best Original Song"
"Dance of Death" by Pierre Minvielle
"Best Student Film", "Best Young Actor"
"ILLUSION" by Mustafa Sancak
"Best Short Film", "Best Actress"
"Socio-political" by Umur Işık
"Best Original Screenplay"
"Christmas Dinner" by Elynn Starkey
"Best Student Film"
"Where Spirits Dwell" by Pamela PerryGoulardt
"Best Feature Screenplay"
"Pocketful of Mondays" by Lindsey Morrison Grant
"Best Original Screenplay". "Best Poster", "Best Feature Screenplay"
"Lil Thrashers Presents...Death Jr. Jr. in...No Weenies Allowed!" by Jimmy Lazer
"Best Original Screenplay"
"Aphrodisiac" by Christopher Oliver
"Best Horror"
"Marina, The Fire Eating Mermaid" by Linda Corley, Joel Kaplan
"Best Costume Design"
"WordLotto" by Johnny Baca
"Best Comedy"
"Recording in Progress" by Aubrey Thurman
"Best Feature Screenplay"
"on matriarchy lake" by Shu Zhang
"Best Feature Film", "Best Director", "Best Actor"
"Instant Noodle" by Michelle Sastraatmadja
"Best Short Film"
"Holding These Moments" by Dan Elswick, Ricardo Cozzolino
"Best Feature Documentary", "Best Director Debut", "Best Editing"
"The Flow" by Wenwen Zhu
"Best Experimental Film"
"Roses" by Yael Green
"Best Student Film", "Best Young Director"
"Goose Quest" by Clarisse Chua
"Best Animation"
"Haymaker Lane" by Aaron Christian Batteau
"Best Original Screenplay"
"Lilith" by Celia Ramos
"Best Short Film"
"Silent Partners" by Jorge  Yanes
"Best TV Show",  "Best Actor", "Best Director"
"Suit Casing" by Jorge Yanes
"Best Short Film", "Best Actor", 'Best Comedy", "Best Supporting Actor"
"Giardinieri d'Assalto (Outlaw Gardeners)" by Angelo Camba
"Best Feature Documentary", "Best ECO Work"
"Growin' Pains" by Sammson Orr
"Best Student Film", "Best Animation"
"Mara: The Seal Wife" by Uisdean Murray
"Best Fantasy", "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", "Best Drama"
"Never" by Wang Wang
"Best Short Film", "Best Original Soundtrack", "Best Actor", "Best Drama"
"Q103" by Jesus De Miguel
"Best Action Film", "Best Actor"
"Stoker" by Alessandro Onorato
"Best Short Film", "Best Director Debut", "Best Horror"
"WOLFPACK" by Cédric Peyster
"Best Feature Film", "Best Director", "Best Original Score"
"S2E1 THE SMARTLYS Hot Rocks!" by Floyd R Strayer
"Best Comedy"
"AND THERE'S SOMEONE" by Stefano Giannotti
"Best Music Video"
"The Angels of St. Cataldo" by Stefano Giannotti
"Best Dance Video"
"The Defective Detectives" by PARITOSH DIPAK PAINTER
"Best Producer", "Best Comedy"
"Best Experimental Film"
"I AM GOD" by Brooklynn Winters, Virginia Torres
"Best Director Debut"
"Detective comics" by Emanuele Bolognari
"Best Short Film"
"GLORY, HOLE" by Hiram Harrington
"Best Student Film"
"Avithos (Abyss)" by Kostis Rampavilas
"Best Short Screenplay"
"Stoic" by Tyquan Rivan Ashanti Neblett
"Best Short Documentary"
"The Hut syndrome" by mr. BOUHAÏK
"Best Short Film", "Best Thriller"
"No, Prime Minister!" by Yuri Riklis
"Best Black & White Film"
"ACID Canal" by Tyler Faires
"Best Feature Documentary"
"Ave Gradiva" by Yuri Riklis
"Best Romance
"The Yesterday" by Benita Vera von Sass
"Best Short Film "
"Torture Therapy!" by Lindsay John Dalgety Ward
"Best Short Film", "Best Dark Comedy"
"Interception: Jayne Kennedy • American Sportscasterl" by Safiya Songhai
"Best BLM Film", "Best Sport Film"
"Motel Room" by Bradford Lipson
"Best Short Film", "Best Director", "Best Actress", "Best Actor", "Best Original Score", "Best Drama", "Best Original Screenplay"
"Shared psychosis" by Paolo Furino, Felice Antignani
"Best Horror"
"WorthIt!" by Annika Connor
"Best Short Film", "Best Dark Comedy"
"A Night in Four Partsl" by Ali Kemal Guven
"Best LGBTQ+ Film"
"Each Other" by William Gauthier
"Best Director", "Best Director Debut", "Best Drama", "Best Color Editing"
"Monument to Love" by Jacob Comforty
"Best Feature Documentary"
"Drone Runner II" by Vincent Scuro
"Best Sci-F"
"Yellow Daisy Butterflyl" by Diek Grobler
"Best Animation", "Best Educational Film", "Best Poster"
"We are the Most Beautiful People | Adults with Disabilities" by BA Short
"Best Educational Film"
"DO THE THANG" by Shakhouri Malik Thompson
"Best Music Video"
"cupid is not a terrorist" by Bellopropello
"Best Animation"

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