Winners June - July 2022

May the Force be with you
"Best Short Film"
False Dawn
Who benefits when a human life could be extended by our improving medical science? Is getting older becoming barbaric these days? Or does life extension only have meaning when your life has already been meaningful?
"Best Feature Film"
A fire in Africa
Having grown weary of the name 'OvaHimba', which means 'beggars', reigning Chief Nguzu believes their only hope for survival lies in the hands of his grandson, Omusuverua
"Best Animation"
Portat (Doors)
The story shows the relationship of an artist with the virtual world that ends up giving back nothing more than a feeling of utter emptiness.
"Best Short Documentary"
Tierra del Fuego
This film is dedicated to a yacht expedition to the legendary and famous Tierra del Fuego
"Best Feature Documentary"
America Boxed In
America Boxed In is a story that examines a world where globalization reigns supreme. It explores the consequences of the “heart of the global economy”—the freight container.
"Best Short screenplay"
The Old Man, the Sea & the Dog
When Pedro becomes disillusioned with his life as an ancient fisherman he decides to make a new life for himself and his loyal dog, Pepe.
While Solomon tries to chart a future for young Fez, he hadn’t expected Pedro & Pepe to come over the horizon.
"Best Feature Screenplay"
Angel of Death
In cold blood, a woman kills the drug addict who murdered her boyfriend during a botched robbery, and to relearn compassion is required to act as an Angel of Death.
"Best Adapted Screenplay"
Doors of Miracles
Fighting fear a young woman is transcended into the Universe as the Doors to God's Miracles are flung open wide to return to Earth with supernatural powers to performing miracles, and God speaks..
"Best Original Screenplay"
Writes is a feature film based on true events. It follows the story of a young screenwriter who lands his dream job as a writer for HR Productions and meets another passionate female writer, and together they form a deeper connection through their writer.
"Best Music Video"
We’re Gonna Come Back
“When Broadway went dark in 2020 it dimmed the hearts of thousands of people who not only depend on it for their livelihood but for artistic expression.
"Best Dance Video"
An uncanny silence
A country road. A shelter. At night.
"Best Student FIlm"
Four after midnight
Maya, a shy 14 year-old girl, is walking home with the cynical boy she likes, Matan. When Maya loses her keys, the two waits in the front yard, and Maya is forced to face her feelings and speak out.
"Best Experimental FIlm", "Best Erotic Film"
A dark love letter to the critic, from the artist. ‘Switch’...the one who is both slave and master…(in BDSM), questions the limits imposed on filmmakers.
"Best Photography", "Best Cinematography", "Best Costume Design", "Best LGBTQ+ Film"
For I Am Dead
In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, extravagant life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses.
"Best No-Dialogue film", "Best Young Actor"
Makeover #2dye4
A once attractive woman grows depressed due to her disfigurements brought about by her many autoimmune disorders.
"Best Director", "Best Actor"
Zu den Sternen
Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco
Hoffmann has reached the height of his popularity.
"Best Young Director"
Flood: The Overdose Epidemic in Canada
There’s no sugarcoating it – Canadian lives are being taken at an alarming rate due to fatal overdoses.
"Best Drama", "Best Director Debut"
Mom dies Saturday
The plot takes place around the death of Charles's (main character) mother. As she dies - as the title says - on Saturday, Charles comes up with a plan to withdraw the money from her account on Monday before the death certificate is sent to the bank and his power of attorney will expire.
"Best Producer"
After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.
"Best Actress"
The Resilient Larsons
Laura has a medical condition and she is gradually losing her vision. If not treated it can become a permanent blindness. Despite hardships life is throwing at them, both David Larson and Laura Larson face them with courage and confidence.
"Best young Actress"
On Being Twelve
Step inside the mind of a twelve year-old as she navigates her teachers' expectations and the responsibility of being the classroom clown. With a sunshine spirit that is truly light, she wears saddle shoes to school and hopes to be cheerleader one day. Until the school janitor makes his move.
"Best Scenography", "Best Fantasy"
Rose of Blood
In the nineteenth century, WLADISLAS is the last vampire. Supported by TOBIEC, his faithful servant, he hires a young peasant girl, LUCYLLIA.
Gradually, she and Wladislas fall in love. After making love with Lucyllia without killing her, Wladislas recovers his humanity. But soon the two lovers die, leaving behind them a rose born from the mixture of their blood.
"Best Composer", "Best original score"
Ten Days
Jordan Paul Rousseau is an award-winning composer for film, TV, fashion and theater. His expertise is writing soundtracks and landscapes with synths. Over the past two years he has become a stample in the independent film scene. Besides being a composer, he is also a painter and poet.
"Best original soundtrack"
Carmine Pisano is a Soundtrack composer born in italian city of Salerno. In the 90's he started studying piano, later playing keyboards/guitar with local music bands for several years.
In 2000 he recorded demos of his first songs and Instrumental/Orchestra arrangements.
"Best Color Editing"
True Friend
When Mr. Walker comes into debt with the wrong kind of people, a lifelong friend steps in to repay them.
"Best VFX"
Gea, who survived with other refugees, lives in the shelter away from robot that hunt and kill men. From her escape she will discover her father still alive. But her tenacity will cost her the life. And from her life a hope will be born. A new robot.
"Best Mobile film"
For the first time in history of cinema, the immortal work created by Shakespeare in the 16 th century, is shot by Samsung Galaxy phone. The action takes place in the 21 century.
"Best Thriller", "Best Editing"
After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.
"Best Horror"
October 31
A group of strangers competing for a cash prize in an extreme Halloween haunt soon discover they are playing a game of survival.

"Best Comedy"
Love Affair in the Afternoon
It's late afternoon when her husband is away. A married woman is seduced by a younger businessman and meets him repeatedly. She refuses and refuses, but her burning body is drowning in pleasure. Then, her husband suddenly comes home...
"Best Dark Comedy"
GOLF - Tee Shot
Rocko & Dickie go ducking and diving like a couple of wannabe entrepreneurs. Everybody is on a drive to become Captain of the Golf Club. But, has Rocko got the balls for it?
"Best eco work"
I Wish for You
A woman finds a long lost letter from her grandfather. As she reads it, his words evoke strong emotive memories as well as a love and hope for the world around us that transcends time.
"Best Educational film"
We asked women across the globe what the word Entanglement meant to them. How do we connect? Over 300 women submitted their story.
"Best Black&White Film", "Best Poster"
In the Company of Assassins
Two assassins and best friends become mortal enemies when one sleeps with the others wife, who's also an assassins assassin.
"Best BLM Film"
Our Mob
Brenda Saunders' Nan lived in a tiny workers cottage next to the boot factory near the Redfern station. Perplexed by the twists and turns of family life, the ties that seemed to grow more complicated year by year, she learnt her Nan was part of the Stolen Generation, constantly looking for family members, with a tangle of knots too sad or too hard to undo.
"Best Sport Film"
When Jasser joins his brother Salem at the MMA club he gets tested by Nick the MMA champion.
"Best Covid-19 Film"
KALRAV - The sound of running water
"Television Script"
After trying their luck at rock and roll fame, 4 friends embark on a hilarious journey to get their fame and fortune.
"Best Historical Film"
Our Triumphant Holy Day
OUR TRIUMPHANT HOLY DAY chronicles filmmaker Greg Di Roma’s journey on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land in Israel and Palestine with 28 other pilgrims in January 2020.
"Best tv show"
Soiled Shorts: THE SERIES
“It’s a tale of villainy, greed & murder!”